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What is good to know before engaging in the adventure of a cat birth at home!


Just one litterbelgothai_siamois_droit.jpg

The choice of a female kitten, with the purpose that she will have babies at the adult age : CLICK HERE


Caution - Choice of the stud cat - The mating - Gestation - The birth - Breeding of the kittens


Table of prevision of the colours of the kittensbelgothai_siamois_droit.jpg

This table gives the percentage of the potential colours of the kittens in the litter, according to the colours of the parents and the colors which they are carrying : CLICK HERE


Table of gestationbelgothai_siamois_droit.jpg

This table gives the probable date of childbirth according to the date of covering. CLICK HERE

Warning : the date of childbirth is dependent on many factors. Your veterinary surgeon will specify you the term of the gestation of your female.


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