Pure breed or not pure breed ???

Why is it so important to have your cat’s pedigree?


The pedigree is the animal’s genealogy. It is then a family tree.

This official document is produced by an association (or club) recognized by the country. It takes into consideration the names, the colour, the titles obtained in cat shows, as well as the cat’s genealogy (records of the parents, grandparents... As far as five generations).

The pedigree ensures the membership of a cat that answers to the specifics of a particular breed. In sum, it is the proof that authenticities the breed on its identity card.

Any union between cats of different breeds is proscribed. The various cats’ standards define the authorized unions.

Before the union of a male (stud cat) and a female, the pedigrees ought to be carefully analyzed. This methodical examination will make it possible to eliminate any consanguineous results for the future kittens. Indeed, consanguinity can bring morphology problems or even mental disorders in the kittens of the breed.  However, a light consanguinity is tolerated, this only in the case of work either of form or of colour, for improvement. The study of the parent’s pedigrees also makes it possible to determine the potential percentage of the colours for the future kittens.

For all these reasons, the pedigree provided with your kitten is utterly important. It proves the reliability and the respectability which fall on a full breed cat’s breeding.

Make no mistake !!!! A cat cannot be considered "of breed " or "pure breed " if it does not have a pedigree.


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