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Low price, prices, high price or surprised !!! ...


For a Thai the price range is relatively important : from 350 euros to 1000 euros.

Important notice : a cat without pedigree is NOT a purebred cat

The strictly legal age for the transfer of a kitten (whatever the breed) is 8 weeks.

It is absolutely inconceivable to yield Siamese at the age of 8 weeks.
The (Siamese) Thai, from its single character and individualities, requests to remain near its mom, brothers, and sisters, until a minimum of 14 weeks. This contact is more than necessary to a good socialization, but also for its balance, preparation, to adulthood.

To take the kittens earlier does not seem judicious. You would deprive them not only of a precious few weeks with their mom. Also they will not have received all their vaccines. And in this case, you will have on several occasions to thus run to your veterinary surgeon, with all the incurred disadvantages, that will be more expensive than the difference in price of a 13 week old kitten.

Firstly a kitten requires a vaccination, as well as a recall of vaccination (see VACCINES page).

The first vaccination is carried out the earliest on the 8 weeks. If a vaccination takes place before this date, it will be necessary to re-vaccinate at the age of 9 - 10 weeks.
The recall of vaccination takes place 3 to 4 weeks after the initial vaccination.

Following a vaccination, the kitten will have to be followed because a small reaction to the vaccines is always possible. The babies could leave their mother a few days later (4 days).

When someone confirm the fact one kitten, at 8 weeks old, is in order of its vaccination : it is absolutely FALSE. Be wary of such assertions! Moreover a kitten yielded at the age of 8 weeks will have, at the adulthood, big  problems of behaviours. It will be characterial and not very sociable.

Before its departure, the kitten is identified by microchip. It will thus be registered with the Belgian national register of cat- identification.
For the kittens leaving the Belgian territory, or on request, they will be vaccinated against the rabies. In this case, according to the European legislation, the kittens will be available only after an additional 21 days.

Our kittens have all a very beautiful pedigree. The parents were carefully selected.
The parents of the kittens were shown in cat-shows and obtained titles, with also the reward to have gone on the podium.

We thus have cats which are in conformity with the established breed’s standard.

The fact that we keep our reproductive males on our premises is not always obvious because the males have their requirements and also some disadvantages but our love surmounts this state of affair, and we are proud of our cats.

On the contract that we establish, the various periods of guarantees at the beginning of the date of purchase will be registered.


A lot of factors depend for the price.

Soon an article with this subject


Why this price ? belgothai_siamois_droit.jpg

Because the kittens leaving our home are completely vaccinated. The recall of vaccines is to be made only the following year, on the cat’s birthday.

The kittens are bred with much tenderness, they are surrounded with love and they receive many kisses.


But do not especially forget belgothai_siamois_droit.jpg

That we see the birth of your kitten.
That we booze him/her.

That we cherished him/her and pampered, he/she received many kisses besides.

We obtain very affectionate, balanced, and seductive kittens.


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